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Statewide gun buybacks that offer incentives to the “violent criminals” with “no questions asked” are not promoting responsibility for ones actions. They are rewarding with lack of consequences for one’s illegal decisions. These stolen guns will not be returned to their rightful owners nor will they be processed and linked to a crime they may have been used in. We attend these buybacks to educate those individuals with legal guns, that are the vast majority of attendees, that are unaware their guns can be sold to a gun shop or licensed dealer for a much higher value than they’d receive turning them into the police. These attendees reasoning is mostly because they were unsure whether or not their guns were illegal since the new gun laws have been past, the believed their pistols were illegal because they lost their permit card, they were afraid that their guns were to be stolen out of their houses, and they had no idea that a gun shop would purchase a gun from them. It is our duty as Americans and New Yorkers to continue educating our fellow gun owners. As we learn about the upcoming gun buybacks, we will continue to attend and educate these fellow citizens and make a positive impact on our peers.