3 Tips for a Welcoming Apartment Lobby

Apartment buildings and other multi-family properties go through a lot of wear and tear in the course of a day. The lobby sees a lot of people coming in and out, delivery people with handcarts and other use. If the lobby of your apartment building is looking tired and in need of a refresh, follow these tips and have it be the welcoming entrance it deserves to be.

1. Clean the Elevator Doors

It doesn’t take much for an elevator to look worn out. Whether there are scratches on the doors from people moving in or fingerprints and other grime, an elevator that looks old doesn’t inspire much confidence. Clean the elevator, inside and out, to keep it looking new. If cleaning doesn’t do the trick, you might need to do metal refinishing Manhattan NY. You’ll be able to get out the scratches and scrapes and make the doors and interior glistening again.

2. Paint the Walls

You might not think that the lobby walls get as much damage as the walls of your home, but people brush up against them every day. Strollers can crash into them and kids run around leaving handprints. Additionally, if the lobby gets a lot of sunlight, the paint can fade in the most exposed areas, creating uneven tones. Paint the walls to give your lobby an instant lift. If you prefer, you can also install industrial-grade wallpaper for more visual interest.

3. Indoor Plant Care

Live plants add an element of refinement to an apartment lobby and can lift people’s spirits. What does not lift spirits, however, are dying plants. Invest time into taking care of the plants by removing dead leaves and water them properly.

The first impression people get of your building is the lobby. Draw prospective tenants in with a nice, clean, stylish lobby.