A Catalog of Innovative Products

A Catalog of Innovative Products

The world is held together by an assortment of hardware, products and components that no one person completely understands. They are produced by a complex network of machines and operators that have created their own special niches in the manufacturing world. Such things as the cotter pin and the paper clip are but two examples of items that the world takes for granted on an hourly basis. The automobile alone accounts for hundreds of indispensable creations. Here are a few items that showcase the creative human spirit.

Pressure Release Valves

Critical industries such as oil and gas, power, petrochemical, HVAC building automation, food and beverage and wastewater could not get by without pressure release valves keeping their operations safe. These items are part of a complex system of valves and precise instrumentation that outfit numerous industrial operations throughout the world. They can be ordered from the distributor of quality controls Fort Worth TX.  Filters, valves and measuring devices keep a company safe from accidents.

A Smart Shopping Cart

The world is probably ready for a shopping cart that scans the products as the shopper puts them in the cart. This saves time at the checkout. It’s one of 27 cool gizmos featured by Bright Side. One added advantage of this is the shopper can watch the total add up as he or she shops. If the total gets too high, the shopper can stop buying.

A Sandless Beach Mat

The problem with going to the beach is all the sand. Much of this sand winds up in the car and eventually into a person’s home. With the sandless beach mat, the sand stays on the beach where it belongs. The mat was originally designed for military use, but it is making inroads into the domestic market. It is another example of the power of human innovation, albeit on a somewhat less critical front.