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Politicians that VOTED for / against the SAFE Act

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Feel Free to Download the PDF file above.

NY Secure Firearms and Ammunition Enforcement (SAFE) Act of 2013
(S2230 Klein / A2388 Silver)
SENATE COMMITTEE VOTE: – Rules – Jan 14, 2013
VOTING TO INFRINGE YOUR GUN RIGHTS – Ayes (18): Skelos, Libous, Carlucci, Flanagan,
Fuschillo, LaValle, Marcellino, Valesky, Stewart-Cousins, Breslin, Dilan, Hassell-Thompson,
Krueger, Montgomery, Parker, Perkins, Espaillat,
Gianaris; Ayes W/R (1): Hannon
VOTING TO PROTECT YOUR GUN RIGHTS – Nays (6): Bonacic, Farley, Larkin, Maziarz,
Nozzolio, Seward
SENATE FLOOR VOTE: – Jan 14. 2013 Ayes (43) Nays (18) Excused (1)
VOTING TO INFRINGE YOUR GUN RIGHTS – Ayes: Adams, Addabbo, Avella, Boyle, Breslin,
Carlucci, Diaz, Dilan, Espaillat, Felder, Flanagan, Fuschillo, Gianaris, Gipson, Golden, Grisanti,
Hannon, Hassell-Thompson, Hoylman, Kennedy, Klein, Krueger, Lanza, Latimer, LaValle,
Marcellino, Martins, Montgomery, O’Brien, Parker, Peralta, Perkins, Rivera, Sampson, Sanders,
Savino, Serrano, Skelos, Smith, Squadron, Stavisky, Stewart-Cousins, Valesky
Ayes: 43; (Democrat:32 Republican:11)
VOTING TO PROTECT YOUR GUN RIGHTS – Nays: Ball, Bonacic, DeFrancisco, Farley,
Gallivan, Griffo, Larkin, Libous, Little, Marchione, Maziarz, Nozzolio, O’Mara, Ranzenhofer,
Ritchie, Robach, Seward, Young
Nays: 18; (Democrat:0 Republican:18)
Excused: Zeldin
ASSEMBLY FLOOR VOTE: – Jan 15, 2013 Ayes (104) Nays (43) Excused (3)
VOTING TO INFRINGE YOUR GUN RIGHTS – Ayes: Abbate, Abinanti, Arroyo, Aubry, Barrett,
Barron, Benedetto, Boyland, Braunstein, Brennan, Bronson, Brook-Krasny, Buchwald, Cahill,
Camara, Castro, Clark, Colton, Cook, Curran, Cusick, Cymbrowitz, DenDekker, Dinowitz,
Englebright, Espinal, Fahy, Farrell, Galef, Gantt, Gibson, Gjonaj, Glick, Goldfeder, Gottfried,
Heastie, Hennessey, Hevesi, Hikind, Hooper, Jacobs, Jaffee, Kavanagh, Kellner, Kim, Lavine,
Lentol, Lifton, Vito Lopez, Losquadro, Lupinacci, Magnarelli, Maisel, Malliotakis, Markey, Mayer,
McDonald, McDonough, McKevitt, Miller, Millman, Morelle, Mosley, Moya, Nolan, O’Donnell,
Ortiz, Otis, Paulin, Peoples-Stokes, Perry, Pretlow, Quart, Ra, Ramos, Roberts, Robinson,
Rodriguez, Rosa, Rosenthal, Rozic, Russell, Ryan, Santabarbara, Scarborough, Schimel,
Sepulveda, Silver, Simanowitz, Simotas, Skartados, Solages, Steck, Stevenson, Stirpe,
Sweeney, Thiele, Titone, Titus, Weinstein, Weisenberg, Weprin, Wright, Zebrowski
Ayes: 104; (Democrat:96 Republican:7 Independent:1)
VOTING TO PROTECT YOUR GUN RIGHTS – Nays: Barclay, Blankenbush, Borelli, Brindisi,
Butler, Ceretto, Corwin, Crouch, DiPietro, Duprey, Finch, Friend, Gabryszak, Garbarino, Giglio,
Goodell, Graf, Gunther, Hawley, Johns, Jordan, Katz, Kearns, Kolb, Lalor, Peter Lopez,
Lupardo, Magee, McLaughlin, Montesano, Nojay, Oaks, Palmesano, Rabbitt, Raia, Reilich,
Saladino, Schimminger, Skoufis, Stec, Tedisco, Tenney, Walter
Nays: 43; (Democrat:8 Republican:35 Independent:0)
Excused: Crespo, Fitzpatrick, Rivera


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Hey Andy, we aren’t going anywhere.

Posted by on Jan 21, 2014 in The NYR Blog |

In response to Andrew Cuomo’s latest conservative bashing, New York Revolution has created a movement of resistance. Andrew Cuomo, NY’s governor, doesn’t feel certain groups of people with certain ideaology’s belong in New York. We feel differently. Meet the three state coordinators of New York Revolution – ordinary people, just like you.

GC hey andy

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Freedom Will Take More Than a Rifle Shot

Posted by on Jan 16, 2014 in The NYR Blog |

On the “shot heard around NY” day, New York Revolution visited the Middleburgh Gun Club of Schoharie County and was asked to put away their rifles.  NYR maintains that true freedom will take more than a rifle shot.–Middleburgh, New York.   January 11, 2014


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Utica Counter Gun Buy Back

Utica Counter Gun Buy Back

Posted by on Oct 21, 2013 in The NYR Blog | 0 comments

Statewide gun buybacks that offer incentives to the “violent criminals” with “no questions asked” are not promoting responsibility for ones actions. They are rewarding with lack of consequences for one’s illegal decisions. These stolen guns will not be returned to their rightful owners nor will they be processed and linked to a crime they may have been used in. We attend these buybacks to educate those individuals with legal guns, that are the vast majority of attendees, that are unaware their guns can be sold to a gun shop or licensed dealer for a much higher value than they’d receive turning them into the police. These attendees reasoning is mostly because they were unsure whether or not their guns were illegal since the new gun laws have been past, the believed their pistols were illegal because they lost their permit card, they were afraid that their guns were to be stolen out of their houses, and they had no idea that a gun shop would purchase a gun from them. It is our duty as Americans and New Yorkers to continue educating our fellow gun owners. As we learn about the upcoming gun buybacks, we will continue to attend and educate these fellow citizens and make a positive impact on our peers.






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New Elections Page

New Elections Page

Posted by on Oct 18, 2013 in The NYR Blog | 0 comments

We have added a new elections page to our website. We have sent out questionnaires to local politicians who are running for office. As they turn them in we will post them on our website by county and what they are running for.  Stay tuned since this will be a work in progress!

As always many hands make light work so if you want to be involved in helping us get these to your local politicians and getting them back we would greatly appreciate the help!

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Albany Freedom Ride Oct 5th 2013

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NYR’s state coordinator George Curbelo was asked to speak at the Albany Freedom Ride on Oct 5th, 2013. His message was strong and clear: support those who support the constitution, remove politicians from office that oppose it, and take action to protect your freedom!


Below you will find his giving his speech with other NYR staff standing beside him in support.



Here’s a few photos from the Rally. Check out the Album on our Facebook page for the rest!


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