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NYR will not comply

“In a time of Tyranny, many will be enslaved. Not by shackles but by the way in which they have been taught to think. Even among the patriots there will be those affected by this disease and unknowingly fight with those who are for freedom. The hope lies in the few, the III%er. Awake to the illusions laid upon society by the tyrants, they will stand despite the demonization from the opposition and even the timid among them.”

George Curbelo (GC) III%er
New York Revolution Lead State Coordinator


Please view our video and join our non-compliance movement by sending in your photo:

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By: Robin Norton



Voter apathy can be described as “lack of caring”.  In the political arena, this is very detrimental to the election system.

This “lack of caring” can be caused by people being angry or disturbed by certain issues but feel that if they did vote, their vote would not count.  However, EVERY VOTE COUNTS.

Many people do not vote because they are unsure of the actual voting process. Frequent questions are:  How do I become a registered voter?  What issues are important to me? Who do I vote for and why?  Where do I go to vote?  Once these questions are answered, people are more likely to become involved in the voting process.  

The best ways to diminish “voter apathy” is awareness and education.  The more aware and educated a person is to current issues that are important to them, the more likely they are to get out and vote. 

Many people are also unaware of just how important each vote really is. Elections can be won or lost just by a few votes.  If you truly want to make a difference, you can!

Become educated.

Become aware.

Make a difference

Get out and vote!

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“The New York Revolution is a grass roots organization with the purpose of waking up Americans to reality of our civil liberties.  We are committed to informing Americans of the deceit deteriorating our freedoms.  With this knowledge, Americans become active patriots in restoring the initial purpose of the Constitution thus ensuring our civil liberties and freedoms.”

New York Revolution is a powerful supporter of the 2nd Amendment.  In January of 2012, Governor Cuomo secretly passed the New York Safe Act in the dark of night.   This un-constitutional attack on the 2nd Amendment was designed as a power play by Governor Cuomo and has many negative consequences that affects every legal gun owner in New York State.

In a large-scale effort to get the NY Safe Act repealed, New York Revolution attends many events such as gun shows, freedom rally’s, and gun buy-backs hosted by local police departments.  New York Revolution also provides presentations at Gun clubs and 2A organizations to educate the public on the rights and freedoms being threatened by the NY Safe Act.

How can you make a difference?

ü  Make your voice heard!  Become a registered voter!

If you have never voted before, or not currently registered to vote, fill out a Voter’s Registration Form.  They are available at New York Revolution events, your local Town Clerk’s office and your nearest Board of Elections office.

Make informed decisions – know who you are voting for!

Awareness and knowledge are very powerful tools.  By learning who the Candidates are and what their stance is on important issues will empower you, the voter!

Everyone should know who is running for office in local and state elections.  Find out who is running for Legislator, Assemblymen, Congressman and Senator.  Reach out to your local politicians.  Call, write, ask questions.  Every vote counts!  Who will you vote for?

ü  Become an active Patriot.  Join New York Revolution today!

As an active Patriot, one of the most important things you can do is to uphold the Constitution.  Get involved with local events and become informed of what is happening across the State.

What have you done today to protect your rights and freedoms?

Robin Norton575610_381599295293609_2103385695_n

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Poltical Access to those in Power Limited Once Again

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Last night I attended a “community forum” sponsored by the Attorney General of New York, his office, and several other assemblyman and senators from Monroe County area. It was advertised to discuss “Environmental Protection, Labor Rights, Civil Rights, Healthcare, Consumer Fraud and Prevention.” It was held at a recital hall at a local music school, and was to begin at 6PM. You had to RSVP via email or phone to attend.

My first step was to invite many other like-minded individuals to attend, and than I RSVPed. I emailed and never received a response either way, staying they got my email. I than tried to call, the phone line went to a voicemail box that was full.

My husband and I arrived slightly after 6PM, after all not everyone has the convenience of being out of work and 40 minutes away by 6PM. When we got there were 50-60 people seated and standing in the hall outside of the auditorium and we were told the auditorium was full. We stood in the hall observing, and just barely being able to hear what was going on inside over the speakers.

The forum had leaders from the groups listed above in topics and they all discussed what a great job they were doing in their respected areas. They had handed out agendas to everyone entering, that also had a question card inside for anyone to write a question that they wanted answered. They announced a few times throughout presentation that they would answer 4-5 questions due to time constraints but if people filled out with their phone numbers they’d receive a follow up call and answer.

Several people left, and I was able to get into the auditorium for the last 15 minutes. They finished their talking and began to answer the four (4) questions they allowed. The cards were read off by the assistant attorney general of the area, and the respected leader present answered the questions related to their topic. When the four questions were answered they once again explained questions would be responded to at a later date with the phone numbers on cards. And the AG did his closing remarks.

As I was sitting there, many thoughts raced through my head such as I need to shout out and ask them who has the time constraints because I’d be willing to sit through everyones questions. And what about access to our leaders, are they not hear to represent us, why travel all the way to Rochester to answer 4 questions? They were there for less than an hour and a half and are not even willing to hang out any longer and speak with the people they are representing. If I was a more confrontational person I would have shouted out, but my nerves got the best of me, and I was unable to. (Don’t worry I’m working on not caring and saying what I think.)

Long story short, I am highly outraged that they are willing to hold a “community forum” but are impossible to get ahold of to RSVP, pick a venue that leaves a large percentage of attendees out of auditorium, refuse to answer any more than a handful of questions, and waste tax payers money (travel expenses, venue rent, etc) to put on such a waste of time. How much more of this are we willing to let them get away with? I encourage any of the attendees there last night to call the attorney generals office and let them know that what they did was pointless, a waste of time, nothing more than a good press conference. It’s time to take back our country, and our state. I look forward to our future events where the AG will be present, and encourage you to attend and hold accountable those representing us.

Gia Arnold (NYR State Coordinator)


AG in Rochester

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