How To Prevent Cockroaches For Good

Just mention the word “cockroach” and see what kind of reaction you get. Even people that aren’t squeamish would rather skip the disgusting topic of a roach infestation. Although roaches are mostly associated with garbage, what would you do if one arrived home with you in a shopping bag? If the unthinkable happens and you end up with these creepy crawlies, here are three measures to take.

Call a Professional

They say cockroaches could survive a nuclear war, so how can you possibly eradicate them? The answer is by calling professional Staten Island exterminators and letting them deal with it. If you have a roach problem, it needs to be taken care of STAT and there’s no time to experiment with tiny traps. Exterminators will rid your home of cockroaches swiftly and efficiently.

Keep Your Home Immaculate

Cockroaches visit a home for one specific reason and that’s a tasty meal. You can easily thwart their plans by never leaving morsels around and wiping down counters, rinsing out sinks and never leaving food on the floor. Tightly bundle garbage and get it out of the house. When you eliminate what they want, you can say good-bye to roaches looking for a midnight snack.

Put Up a Roadblock

If you live near a business that has a dumpster and are worried about an infestation, put up a roadblock against roaches. Inspect your entire home for cracks and crevices where they could quickly find their way inside. This includes roofs, foundations, doors and windows. This is always a good idea anyway, to keep away all sorts of pests, not just cockroaches.

Take Proper Measures

Keeping cockroaches far away is as easy as keeping your kitchen spotless, sanitizing surfaces and making sure your home is well-sealed. In the event of a roach hitching a ride to your house, an exterminator will come to your rescue. Employing these measures puts you a step ahead of any roach problem.