How To Source Water When Going Off Grid

There are a lot of people who find the idea of living off the grid adventurous and freeing. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 200,000 Americans are living off the grid. In order to make this a possibility, it is crucial to have a stable water source. This is most often achieved by using the services of the well drilling companies Tampa FL offer to tap into a groundwater supply. Well drilling could be a way to access fresh water in a rural or isolated area.

Getting Started

Digging into the ground may lead you to water, but you will want to have a geological survey conducted to test which location has the best soil conditions for a well installation. Not all locations have groundwater reservoirs, and many times your water supply is between layers of different silts and sand. This makes drilling a well more difficult. Depth of the supply should also be considered. Most often you need to drill at least 30 feet down, but good water often requires deeper drilling.

Looking for Hindrances

In addition to the water supply, you have to be aware of permit requirements in the area. Drinking water is a public health concern, and the local building department may require specific inspections or tests to be conducted before approving a permit. You must also check for any service lines, septic systems or old cisterns on the property or located underground. This can cause contamination of the water supply if your well isn’t located far enough away.

Doing the Work

In an effort to save money, you may be considering drilling a well on your own. It is possible to rent the equipment and tools needed, but it is a difficult process. It is best to let professional well drilling companies come in and make quick work of digging safe access to a groundwater supply.