Moving Your Business Into a New Building

Has your business grown enough that you need to change your location to a new building? When that happens, you can face chaos, downtime, and frustration, but there is a bright side to the disruption. When your company gets into the new property, there will be more room for more inventory, employees, and growth. Here are three ways you can minimize your company’s losses during the impact of the move into a new building.

1. Use Professionals

Maintaining a processing schedule while moving can be difficult, but if you are up to the problems working out of two locations can bring, stagger your move over two weekends. Otherwise, hire professionals and close the business on a Friday. Move the entire operation over the weekend so you can open the doors on Monday. Have employees come in during a four-hour window to set their work-area up.

2. Change Locks

Although you may trust your new landlord, there could be people that worked in the building that still have keys. Contact a commercial locksmith company Orlando to change the locks to guarantee only you and your employees have access to your business. It may sound like a small thing, but the impact of keeping your machines and inventory safe is essential to running your company.

3. Organize Goods

It may require a long weekend of moving and organizing, but you don’t want to sort through boxes or connect machines during business hours because of the number of people that will be involved. Instead, ask a select crew to come in and help get everything working on Saturday. A small group can work wonders.

Moving your business into a new building can be overwhelming, but if you take small steps toward completing the task, it will be simpler than you thought it would be. Use the three steps above to stay on track.