Tips for Cleaning After a Fire

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The emotional stress of going through a structural fire is compounded by all of the work that must be done in the aftermath. From the smoke, soot and water damage from fire sprinkler systems Orange County California companies installed, it may seem like very little can be salvaged from the building’s contents. The severity of the blaze impacts how much will be lost, but here are some tips for cleaning up after a fire.

To Remove the Odor

You may be able to remove some of the odor from fabrics using a product that contains tri-sodium phosphate. However, this is caustic and should be handled carefully. Mixing one cup of bleach with five or size tablespoons of TSP for every gallon of warm water is the recommended laundry ratio. You could also try washing clothes in cold water with a tablespoon of pure vanilla extract added to your normal detergent.

To Clean Furniture

You can also use the TSP agent with a mild detergent or furniture soap to remove layers of smoke or soot from the furniture. Depending on the material, you can add chlorine bleach or another household cleaner to remove more residue. Wear rubber gloves when using these chemicals. After the surfaces have been washed, rinse them with warm water and allow them to dry thoroughly.

To Clean the Walls

The walls take a lot of effort but begin by working on one small area at a time. Start from the floor up in order to prevent streaks from occurring. Use the bleach and TSP mixture and immediately rinse with clean water once a section has been scrubbed. Do the ceilings last. Let the walls and ceiling thoroughly dry before trying to paint over them. Reduce the chances of mold growth by giving everything possible a wipe down with a bleach solution.

The extent of your fire may require the help of a professional cleaning and restoration crew to restore your home or property. Always follow the fire department’s instruction on when it is safe to re-enter the building.