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Proper Care of Your Home’s Exterior

October 29, 2020 nurulal 0

Your home is likely the largest investment you will make in your lifetime. You know that you need to maintain the heating and cooling system and major appliances, but sometimes exterior maintenance gets overlooked. Inspecting a few key areas of the home’s exterior can you give you peace of mind that your investment is protected.

Roof and Gutters

Check the roof for missing and damaged shingles and replace them as needed. If you see any moss or dirt accumulating, consider having the roof professionally cleaned. Inspect gutters and clean out any debris. Installing gutter guards is an option if the gutters are frequently clogged. Also, check for any damage or other obstructions that might affect the flow of water away from the house. Water damage can be costly to repair.

Siding and Windows

Look for any cracks or tears in the siding and the casings surrounding the windows. Repair them as needed. If you’re wondering “can you pressure wash vinyl siding Kitsap County WA”, talk with a professional to get the details. Window cleaning should already be on your spring and fall maintenance lists. Clean windows always give a fresh perspective.

One additional step is to check the dryer vent by turning on the dryer and observing the exhaust. The dryer vent cap is usually located on the exterior wall behind the dryer. Minimal exhaust could mean the vent is partially blocked.

Foundation and Landscaping

Inspect the foundation for cracks. If you find any that are wider than 1/4″, follow up with a professional. Stand at each corner of the house and observe the site line. Bulging or lopsided walls could be an indication of an uneven load on the foundation. Finally, assess the overall landscaping. You are looking for cracks or damage to the driveway, patio, deck, sidewalks and pathways. Overgrown trees and shrubs should be trimmed.

If you follow this top-to-bottom approach, the outside of your home will look great, and you will feel great knowing that you have taken preventive measures to avoid costly repairs.…

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3 Tips for Paying Your Bills on Time

October 29, 2020 nurulal 0

Looking through your monthly pile of bills may feel overwhelming. You may be concerned not only about paying all of your bills but also paying them all on time. This is why it is important to be organized when managing your personal finance. Overdraft and late fees can wreak havoc on your budget, so consider these three tips for avoiding that with your monthly bills.

1. Set Up Automatic Draft

If you are prone to forget to put your check in the mail for your electric bill, it might be time to set your bill up on automatic draft. This means that the money is automatically taken out of your checking account every month. The caveat with this is that you have to make sure that you have sufficient funds in order to avoid an overdraft fee.

2. Set a Reminder on Your Phone

Your phone likely goes everywhere that you go, so you can use that to your advantage when organizing your bills. Set a reminder on your phone a few days before your gas company Maryland bill is due, and program it to repeat monthly. If you can put a time on the alarm, try to make it at a time when you will be at home. This way, you will be more likely to sit down and pay the bill right then.

3. Make a Monthly Checklist

It can be difficult to remember all the services and goods you are paying for monthly, so making a checklist can be a great way to organize this information. After you pay each bill, simply cross that one off your list. In this way, you will be sure that you are paying for everything every month.

When you follow these practical tips, you will be on your way to paying your monthly bills like a pro.…