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How To Make a Small Kitchen Appear Larger

November 30, 2020 nurulal 0

Let’s face it. You only have so much space to work with in a kitchen that is too small. If you decide against expanding the size of your little kitchen, there are ways you can give it a more spacious feeling. Let’s take a look at three ways you can do just that.

1. Select Reflective Surfaces

For a kitchen renovation Moorehead City NC, when it comes to kitchen accents, choose reflective surfaces. They bounce off light and make your kitchen feel larger. Think of installing a glass tile backsplash. Glossy cabinets and stainless-steel appliances will also amplify this effect.

One perfect way to reflect light in your kitchen is to add a large mirror within the space. This can make your kitchen look particularly striking if it is mirroring a beautiful table or kitchen worktop.

2. Keep It Light

Repainting your kitchen in a light color is the easiest way to make it feel more spacious. Ideally, choose antique whites, pale shades of grey, off-whites, creams, or light yellows. Painting over any dark or bold colors will give your kitchen an airier vibe.

Some people enjoy the idea of having an accent wall that is of a darker color, however, this is not a good idea in a small kitchen. This creates a feeling of restriction and segmentation. If you want to play with color, it is a much better idea to introduce it into your kitchen in small bits such as in accessories and towels.

3. Consider Open Shelving

What would your kitchen look like if you removed all of the cabinets and replaced them with free-standing shelves? It would give the appearance of having more space. You can’t go wrong with copper shelving, which is trending and elegant. However, the exception is if your cabinets are stuffed to the brim instead of being neatly organized.

Making a small kitchen look larger is an attainable task with the help of these three simple changes.…

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How To Take Care of Your Furnace

November 26, 2020 nurulal 0

There are so many maintenance tasks involved in owning a home that you may sometimes let some fall through the cracks. It can be dangerous to take your furnace for granted, however. If it malfunctions, it can make your home unbearably cold, cause your pipes to freeze, or release toxic carbon monoxide into your home.

You might have an inspection periodically to see if you need furnace cleaning Batavia IL. However, there are also some maintenance tasks you can perform yourself.

1. Replace the Filter

When the furnace filter is dirty, it can overwork the equipment by clogging the air flow. The filter should be replaced periodically, or cleaned if it is reusable. Some recommend that you change the filter once a month. However, the filter itself should have instructions describing how often the particular type of filter needs to be changed. Some can last three months or six months.

2. Lubricate the Motor

Any mechanical component that is in motion as often as the blower motor is going to generate friction and heat. You can minimize this and keep the furnace running smoothly by keeping the blower motor well lubricated.

3. Ensure Proper Ventilation

The gas burning in the furnace gives off carbon monoxide as a byproduct. If this does not have a route by which to escape, it can build up in the house and poison anyone who inhales it. You can prevent this by checking the flue to be sure it is venting properly without any dents or gaps.

4. Facilitate Air Circulation

The air registers around your home should be cleaned of all dust. This allows the air to circulate freely and reduces contaminants.

You should also take steps to protect yourself in case of a furnace breakdown. Insulate your pipes to keep them from freezing even if the temperature should drop. Install carbon monoxide detectors on every level of your home.…

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3 Perks of Living in Staten Island

November 25, 2020 nurulal 0

Many people who dream of living in New York City may decide against it because, while the constant rush of excitement in the city is appealing, they crave a house in a quiet neighborhood. Living in Staten Island is an excellent opportunity for people who want to visit or work in and around New York City and return to a quiet neighborhood at the end of the day.

1. Affordable Housing

Housing in New York City is notoriously expensive, but the price of houses is much more affordable on the island. As more land development Staten Island NY occurs, the availability of modern, affordable homes rises. Depending on the location of the workplace, the commute may be long, but many people enjoy utilizing the cheap public transportation options and sleep or read on the way to or from work.

2. Attractions

There are over 150 parks on Staten Island that can be enjoyed by residents who want to hike, bike or picnic. There are plenty of tours that can be taken by tourists, or residents who want a more in-depth knowledge of what they are looking at. Zoos, cultural centers and historic monuments can all be explored right on the island.

3. Great for Families

The residential areas on Staten Island are much more peaceful than the nearby boroughs, and there are many high-quality school districts, making it a great choice for couples looking to raise families. The large houses and yard space will ensure families have enough room to grow and flourish. The parks and attractions are good, family-friendly places to take children and can present educational opportunities.

Moving to a new home is a big decision and should only be done after careful consideration. It is a good idea for anyone who is looking for a new place to live to research all of the available options before making a decision.…

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How To Maintain Your Home’s Structural Integrity

November 20, 2020 nurulal 0

Whether you are building a new home or maintaining an existing one, the structural integrity is one of the most important aspects of building health. The following are two key components where structural integrity is critical.

Foundation and Framing

The foundation is the most important structural element of any building. It is the base on which all other components are built. Foundation problems can lead to uneven floors, cracks in the walls and other serious issues. A home’s frame is the wood or steel that forms the shape of the house. The drywall, roof and other elements of the home are attached to the frame, so it is important that the framing be well-constructed and in good repair. A structural engineering Austin TX company can do an evaluation of both the frame and foundation of your home to make sure everything is okay. While an inspection is an important step to take prior to closing on the home, that is not the only time one should be done. Building materials naturally degrade and shift, which can cause problems over the long-term. Regular inspections can catch such issues before they become major problems.

Building Envelope

Your home’s building envelope is made up the roof, walls, doors and windows. It keeps out weather, pests and trespassers while keeping heated or cooled air inside. When a home has a structurally sound envelope, the energy bill is lower and the likelihood of water damage and other issues decreases. Routine inspections and maintenance can ensure your home’s envelope stays in good condition.

The foundation and framing that keep your home standing and the envelope that protects it from the weather are critical to your home’s function. However, many people do not think about these components until a problem arises. Developing a relationship with contractors who can inspect and repair these elements will go a long way toward keeping your home healthy.…