The Advantages of Mature Trees Around a Home

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Whether you are shopping for a new home or adding landscaping around your property, you may be wondering if it is smart to have trees close to your house. The main concern lies in whether limbs or roots will damage your home’s roof and foundation. In general, you do not want tree limbs hanging over your home. Falling branches can damage your windows and roof shingles Shippensburg PA. Limbs and roots spread out in roughly the same diameter, so limbs hanging over your roof can mean that roots are creeping towards your foundation.

A good rule of thumb is to keep trees 15 feet from your home. Most tree services are happy to come out and inspect the property if you are concerned. As long as trees are healthy and a safe distance from your home, they have many advantages.

Curb Appeal

Having mature trees on your property can increase its value by 7 to 19 percent. Real estate agents are not surprised by that number and can recount times that buyers specifically ask for properties with established landscaping. Not only do trees give a soft, inviting look to your home, they also block the view from nosey neighbors. That privacy is part of the appeal.

Energy Saver

Trees provide shade to your home during the hot summer months. That can save your air conditioner from working so hard, reducing energy costs up to 56%. The shade provided by trees is equal to wearing suntan lotion with SPF 10. Trees also filter strong winds, which can save you on heating costs.

Noise Reducer

For those who live in a city or near a busy road, trees are a natural way to reduce noise. When combined with bushes and shrubs, noise can be reduced up to 50%. This works because moving leaves and branches produce a real-life white noise machine. Other sounds are muffled and less prominent.