Tips for Choosing Your Landscaping Plants

Whether you are looking at a blank slate, or you just want to update your landscaping, your plant selection will make a significant impact on your outdoor space. As you begin your planning, consider researching landscape plant installation Boca Raton, especially if you need help choosing and installing your plants.

Environment Assessment

Your plant choice will depend on your USDA Hardiness Zone. This is especially important if you have cold winters, but some plants don’t produce well in consistently warm weather either. Therefore, you need to learn your hardiness zone.

The light you receive in your yard will affect your plant choice. For example, some plants need full sun, while others need at least some shade. Watch how the sun shines over your yard space during the day. You can also produce shade by adding trees in strategic areas.

Your soil type will also affect your plant choice. You may need to amend your soil by adding drainage and organic matter.

Mix and Match

You want vertical and horizontal variation to improve the curb appeal of your home. Therefore, choose a mix of trees, shrubs, groundcovers and flowering plants. Also, choose different plant colors and textures. However, you should also have a mix of perennials and annuals. Although it requires a little extra work each year, adding annuals that flower at different times from perennials will increase your flowering season and add drama and interest to your outdoor space.

Plant Selection

Identify the type of plants you would like. For example, do you want fruiting or flowering trees, or do you need evergreens that produce shade and windscreens?

Look closely at the plant tags prior to purchasing your plants. Search for each plant’s ideal environment. Plan your landscape based on the tag’s suggestions.

To create an attractive, hardy landscape, consider working with a landscaper as you plan and install your landscape plants.